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Facing Post-Renovation Blues? Don’t Sweat…..Leave It To The Cleaning Professionals



Post Renovation Cleaning


Oh, what joy !…. to see your old house being transformed into something so spacious and well – designed! You have been following the renovation from day 1 and now it is all ready for you to move back into your new abode.

Alas, you discover that the construction team does not know how to properly sweep the floor. Neither did the interior decorators! Cement dust and wood chips seem to be felt by your feet ….if you had dared to walk around barefooted.  

Should you call your existing housemaid to clean up the place? What a daunting task for her! Even for yourself.

To figure out what cleaner to use yet not spoil your new timber flooring and yet make it waxy but not slippery to walk on?

How to clean the new marble flooring without making the surface rough by applying too harsh a detergent?

And also choosing the right polish so that it feels so smooth and silky to walk on but not make the young and old at home slip on it?

The answer is all at the DIY stores ….are you rushing out to find out what to buy for all the different surfaces in your newly renovated place? And how much of each to buy? What a headache indeed.

Cool down …get in touch with us ….a special group of cleansers that will transform a newly renovated place into a fresh and fragrant home for you to just walk in and enjoy! We understand what gentle chemicals to apply on the various surfaces to keep both the finishings and your feet safe. And you will admire yourselves reflecting from the shiny surfaces of the marble flooring, yet feel secure that no one will slip because we know what and how to apply.

Let us visit your renovated sites and welcome you to your fresh and clean renovated home.


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