Don’t Let The Thought Of Cleaning Up Deter You From Throwing A Party. Leave It To Us


Are you thinking of a housewarming party? Or a typical birthday party, New Year’s Day, or Christmas Day party? All agreed to it but dreaded the cleanup. Possibly too tipsy or plain tired after the party/event. Whatever the celebration is, the party must go on. Go all out. Plan it significant and joyous. Go crazy and get the place upside down. Call us first. We are the Party Rescue Squad – coming to raid your home and put some semblance of sanity after you have turned it upside-down!

Let us know the type of party you are having, so we know whether we would be cleaning up BBQ utensils or just clearing away pizza takeaway boxes! And the number of merrymakers at the party so we have a feel for the amount of cleaning equipment to bring along.

Don’t let the sheer thought of cleaning up deter you from throwing a party. Please allow us to take care of the cleanup.

Having a home party is fun!


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